group of men and women posing for the camera
L-R: Linda Kowal (Ward 3), Amanda Paul (Ward 4), Benjamin Friesen (Ward 6), Dale Lederer (Ward 1), Tim Driedger (Ward 6 & Vice-Chair), Marc Beland (Ward 2 & Board Chair), Shane Lloyd (Ward 2), John Zacharias (Ward 7), Henry Goertzen (Ward 5)

The Board of Trustees of the Fort Vermilion School Division is a nine member board operating under a Carver model of governance. 

The current Board was elected in October 2021 and will serve until October 2025.

The Board of Trustees is entrusted to oversee the educating of more than 3,700 students by more than 500 staff members. 

Learn more about the Fort Vermilion School Division Board Members below. See the menu items at left to find information on Board and Governance as well as meeting minutes, policies and the Trustee Handbook.

FVSD Board of Trustees

Chair, WARD 2 Trustee - High Level

Vice-Chairman, WARD 6 Trustee - La Crete

WARD 1 Trustee - Rainbow Lake

WARD 2 Trustee - High Level

WARD 3 Trustee - Rocky Lane

WARD 4 Trustee - Fort Vermilion

WARD 5 Trustee - Blumenort

WARD 6 Trustee - La Crete

WARD 7 Trustee - Buffalo Head Prairie/Tompkins Landing