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Our Children, Our Students, Our Future:
Moving the Dial on Every Child

Fort Vermilion School Division provides the students it serves with quality education in safe, caring environments and in accordance with provincial requirements and local community expectations.

Through the Education Act, the Minister of Education has vested in the Board of School Trustees the power and authority to govern Fort Vermilion School Division. The Board has determined that its stakeholders are society at large, members of its local communities, students, parents and employees of the Division.


The Fort Vermilion School Division Board of Trustees has identified three goals, which align with those identified by Alberta Education:

  1. Every Student is Successful
  2. Quality Teaching and School Leadership
  3. Effective Governance


In addition, the Fort Vermilion School Division Board of Trustees has identified four current areas of priority:

  1. FVSD will foster CONNECTIVITY and well-being amongst community, students, parents and staff
  2. All students will improve LITERACY skills
  3. All students will improve NUMERACY skills
  4. All students will explore, develop, grow, and experience chosen CAREER PATHS