The mission of the Fort Vermilion School Division is “Our Children, Our Students, Our Future”.  Our mandate is to accomplish this by putting the best teachers in positions to work with our students. The Fort Vermilion School Division has key focuses on connectivity and well-being amongst community, students, parents and staff, literacy skills and numeracy skills and are looking for staff who are results-oriented and focused on helping us achieve our goals.

The HR Department uses a digital applicant file system for teachers that greatly enhances our ability to manage the receipt of documents and additions to applicant files. We actively recruit teachers through Career Fairs at universities to build our candidate pool. Our candidate pool is built through the recruitment fair process where we interview candidates for the upcoming school year. School principals then hire for the following year based on recommendations from interviews and their school vacancies.

If you are unable to attend a career fair, we encourage qualified applicants to apply to our Division by email to Scot Leys, Assistant Superintendent, at hr@fvsd.ab.ca. For specific teacher job postings, please see our Current Opportunities.

Supports for new teachers


The Fort Vermilion School Division covers 100% of benefit premium costs for full-time teachers.  The costs of benefit premiums for part-time teachers are paid on a pro-rated basis according to the percentage of time worked.  Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) is the benefits carrier for teachers.  The current benefits include:

ASEBP Life Insurance Plan 2
ASEBP Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan 2
ASEBP Extended Disability Benefits Plan D
ASEBP Extended Health Care Plan 1
ASEBP Dental Care Plan 3
ASEBP Vision Care Plan 3
ASEBP Health Spending Account (HSA)
To access the ASEBP website click here: Alberta School Employee Benefits Plan


The Fort Vermilion School Division maintains approximately 60 units of subsidized housing in select locations throughout the Division.  All the units are fairly new and well kept.  They include houses, duplexes, fourplexes and mobile homes.  Monthly rental rates range from $385 to $930 (plus utilities) depending on location and demand in market.  The units are partially furnished including fridge, stove and some units include dishwasher.  Below are some pictures of typical units.

The Fort Vermilion School Division's Housing Coordinator, Cory Wright, helps teachers with housing needs whether for rental in subsidized housing, non FVSD units or purchase. He can be contacted by CoryW@fvsd.ab.ca or 780-841-2826.


Cost of Living

Housing costs in the Fort Vermilion School Division vary by community.  Real estate values are low by Alberta standards in our communities.

All of the major centers in the Fort Vermilion School Division have access to a variety of stores and services.  They include clothing retailers, electronics, hardware, vehicle sales and both independent and chain restaurants.  Costs are comparable for these services to other major centers in Alberta.  

Food costs are comparable or less than major centers throughout Alberta.  Our communities include stores such as Co-op, Independent Grocers (subsidiary of The Real Canadian Superstore), Super A (subsidiary of Safeway) as well as independent retailers. 

Forms for New Teachers

Teachers new to the Fort Vermilion School Division and Alberta must start their paperwork for certification and verification of training prior to beginning teaching.


Teachers new to Alberta and the profession must apply for certification from Alberta Education.  Please click on the link below to apply.  Make sure to print the application form and submit the required fee.

Alberta Teacher Certification

Teacher Qualifications Services (TQS)

Teachers new to the Fort Vermilion School Division must provide the payroll department with their TQS statement.  This statement is available by applying to the Alberta Teachers' Association.  Please click on the link below to apply.

Teacher Salary Qualifications

Teacher Training Grant

In an attempt to encourage high school graduates of the Fort Vermilion School Division to pursue teacher training and return to our jurisdiction, the Fort Vermilion School Division Teacher Training Grant was established.  The following guidelines apply:

  • Candidates for grants must have completed their high school education under the supervision of Fort Vermilion School Division.
  • Candidates become eligible for grants only when hired in their first year of teaching by Fort Vermilion School Division.
  • For eligible candidates, grants will be paid:
    • half of the grant after successful completion of the probationary year(s); and
    • final half upon recommendation for permanent certification.
  • Grants will not be paid out if the candidate resigns or is terminated prior to the end of the first and/or second years of the contract.
  • The maximum candidates to be approved annually will not normally exceed five.
  • The total amount of the grant per candidate will not exceed $3000 per year.