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Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP):

The Fort Vermilion School Division covers 100% of benefit premium costs for full-time teachers and support staff.  The costs of benefit premiums for part-time employees are paid on a pro-rated basis according to the percentage of time worked.  Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan (ASEBP) is the benefits carrier for employees and can be accessed online at The current benefits include:

  • ASEBP Life Insurance Plan 2
  • ASEBP Accidental Death & Dismemberment Plan 2
  • ASEBP Extended Disability Benefits Plan D
  • ASEBP Extended Health Care Plan 1
  • ASEBP Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
  • ASEBP Dental Care Plan 3
  • ASEBP Vision Care Plan 3
  • ASEBP Health Spending /Wellness Account (HSA/WSA) effective July 1, 2020 for Teaching staff

Detailed information on the above benefits can be accessed at  My ASEBP is an online portal that allows covered members to view information related to their ASEBP benefits and general health resources. With My ASEBP you can: 

  • Request ASEBP ID cards, or print your own
  • View, submit edit and delete Health Spending Account (HSA) expenses and download statements
  • View health, dental, and vision claims history and transfer unpaid amounts to your HSA
  • View your benefit coverage information
  • Complete over-age dependant notifications
  • Request ASEBP ID cards, or print your own
  • Manage your banking information
  • Access reliable health information and e-services via Apple-a-Day

Use the 'My Asebp Login' at to register for an account.  

ASEBP Claim Forms and Administrative Forms can be accessed here: Forms or at

Please ensure your benefit information is up to date!  You may submit an electronic form through Atrieve - My Info - eforms - myforms- creation/update of Employee Information.  Please contact your Payroll and Benefits Coordinator for additional forms or assistance.

Also offered is a Voluntary Accident Insurance Plan: Employee Only Plan or a Family Plan. Details can be viewed here: Voluntary Accident Insurance and the form for enrolment, cancellation or changes can be accessed here: Form. Employees are responsible for paying the premiums by way of payroll deduction for this insurance, if they choose to participate. Send this form to the Payroll Department at FVSD Central Office.

Health Spending / Wellness Account (HSA/WSA):

For an overview of what the Health Spending / Wellness Account  (HSA / WSA) benefit, including information such as what is an eligible expense, please view the Health / Wellness Spending Account Information.

Check out ASEBP's - for more information.  For help on how to set up your banking information for direct deposit, how to submit expenses and how to register for your My ASEBP account.  You can also submit claims via the asebp app on your phone.  For extra help, contact an ASEBP benefit specialist at 1-877-438-4545.


Additional Information

Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits:

To apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits please visit the Service Canada website. Please note that FVSD issues Records of Employment (ROE's) electronically.

Maternity Leave:

To apply for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits please visit the Service Canada website. Please note that FVSD issues Records of Employment (ROE's) electronically. Once you are in receipt of EI benefits please submit the 'My Current Claim' page to the Payroll Department for processing of your Maternity SUB plan. To add your new dependent to your benefits, please contact the Payroll Department.

ATB Financial Benefits:

All FVSD employees are entitled to benefits with ATB Financial. Please click here for more information.