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Transitional Allowance

In order to assist new teachers who move to begin work in our jurisdiction, Fort Vermilion School Division has available a $5,000 TRANSITIONAL ALLOWANCE. 

New teachers may enter into an agreement to receive a $5,000 Transitional Allowance.  Funds will be remitted in full to the Teacher.  One tenth shall be forgiven each month and processed as a taxable benefit through payroll.  In the event employment is terminated, the outstanding balance must be repaid to FVSD. 

Payne Cardinal, Director of Finance
Office Phone: 780-927-3766
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The Fort Vermilion School Division maintains approximately 60 units of subsidized housing in select locations throughout the Division. All the units are fairly new and well kept. They include houses, duplexes, fourplexes and mobile homes.  Monthly rental rates range from $385 to $930 (plus utilities) depending on location and demand in market.  The units are partially furnished including fridge, stove and some units include a dishwasher.

The Fort Vermilion School Division's Housing Coordinator, Cory Wright, helps teachers with housing needs whether for rental in subsidized housing, non FVSD units or purchase. He can be contacted by or 780-841-2826.

Cost of Living

Housing costs in the Fort Vermilion School Division vary by community. Real estate values are low by Alberta standards in our communities.

All of the major centers in the Fort Vermilion School Division have access to a variety of stores and services. They include clothing retailers, electronics, hardware, vehicle sales and both independent and chain restaurants. Costs are comparable for these services to other major centers in Alberta.  

Food costs are comparable or less than major centers throughout Alberta. Our communities include stores such as Co-op, Independent Grocers (subsidiary of The Real Canadian Superstore), TGP (The Grocery People) as well a variety of independent retailers.