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Henry Goertzen

WARD 5 Trustee - Blumenort

FVSD has three main priorities: Numeracy, Literacy and Connectivity. Speaking to these priorities – what are your goals for our schools?

Literacy to me is the most important as it affects the other priorities, once we have improved in literacy it will make it easier for the others to be successful. My goal is that we improve in all categories.


How will you help advance these goals?

Encourage and support the leaders in our schools.


What ideas do you have to move education forward in northwestern Alberta over the next four years?

Use the programs and knowledge that are available to us and use them to the fullest.


As a Trustee, what governance issues do you hope to work on during your term?

To educate local people to come back and stay in our division to keep the recruiting cost down and have a better understanding of our local cultures.


Tell us a little about yourself – what is your connection to the region?

I was born and raised in this community, it means a great deal to me to be part of our future for our local residents that they can look back and recognize what we have done for the region.