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Tim Driedger

Vice-Chairman, WARD 6 Trustee - La Crete

FVSD has three main priorities: Numeracy, Literacy and Connectivity. Speaking to these priorities – what are your goals for our schools?

It’s important that all our schools are connected to there communities and that all students learn to understand numeracy and literacy. We as a division have made great gains in these areas.


How will you help advance these goals?

Being on the board for two terms working as a team along with the superintendent allows us to make great gains. Without team work nothing gets accomplished.


What ideas do you have to move education forward in northwestern Alberta over the next four years?

Thought research we have learned that both numeracy and literacy are making huge gains in the strategies that we are using this year and are seeing great results. We are advancing these interventions into grade 2 & 3. It’s my priority that 95% of students read and understand numeracy at there grade level. FVSD is making national headlines in these areas and it’s been fun to be a part of.


As a Trustee, what governance issues do you hope to work on during your term?

Being on the board we’ve been able to focus on individual communities and through governance allow us to plan for all students as a whole. It’s important for me as a trustee that populations are represented fairly seeing the vast differences in or communities.


Tell us a little about yourself – what is your connection to the region?

I live in La Crete with my beautiful wife and three daughters and have done so all my life trying to be involved in the community as time allows.