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Parents and Students

We are excited to welcome you to Northern Home Education! Below you will find our 2022-2023 Registration Form and the Notification Form for Home Education Program. 

New student registrations MUST include student identification (ie. birth certificate) in order to complete the registration process. Identity documents are REQUIRED prior to the parent accessing funding and/or the student beginning classes. Foreign born students will also require parent identity and citizenship documents.

Please click the "Registration Requirements for Grades 1-12" heading below for a list of acceptable documents.

Let us help you choose the best possible education for your child! Fort Vermilion School Division has a program to meet your family's needs.

With Northern Home Education Centre you can create a customized education plan specific to your teaching abilities and your child’s unique needs, learning styles, and strengths and/or weaknesses.

Various programming options are available to you for delivering education at home, and we’d love to help you tailor these options for your child's individual needs to maximize their learning.

Options available to parents for delivery of home education:

  1. Traditional homeschooling (with the parent as the teacher) - the parents/guardians have full control over the curriculum and are responsible for selecting and purchasing it

  2. Alberta Education aligned programming (with access to an NHEC teacher) - instruction follows the Alberta Education curriculum, which is provided to them

  3. Blended programming, which is any of the above combined with one or more of the following:

    • Online schooling for Grades 1 - 9 through Pathways with daily instruction provided by an FVSD teacher (instruction follows the Alberta Education curriculum, which is provided to them)

    • Offline learning for Grades 9 - 12 through Pathways with access to an FVSD teacher (instruction follows the Alberta Education curriculum, which is provided to them)

Homeschooling can be a great option for many families. The goal of Northern Home Education is to meet the diverse needs of our students and provide the most appropriate education program to help them find success.

NHEC families will:

  • receive two visits per school year from an NHEC staff member to check in and ensure access to supports and resources are being provided;

  • have access to individualized curriculum and resource support as well as assistance with developing a suitable learning plan;

  • have access to funding for materials and resources beginning May 1 for the following school year (up to a maximum amount of $850 per student, per school year);

  • be reimbursed for homeschooling expenses on an on-going basis throughout the school year, purchasing assistance is also available for families that are unable to make large purchases up front.

Educational success depends on the joint commitment of parents/guardians, students and the Home Education Principal to life-long learning.

Each partner plays a key role in developing lifelong learners who are independent, critical thinkers responsible for their own learning.

The responsibility of STUDENTS is to:

  • follow a regular work schedule;
  • complete assignments in reasonable periods of time;
  • be responsible for the diligent completion of learning tasks.

The responsibility of PARENTS/GUARDIANS is to:

  • notify the student’s resident board or a willing non-resident board of their intent to Home School;
  • sign the Home Education Notification Form;
  • complete a Home Education Program Plan that describes intent to comply with the requirements of the Home School Regulation in Section 23 of the Alberta School Act;
  • acquire appropriate resources and materials necessary to implement the Home Education Program Plan;
  • implement the Home Education Program Plan in a way that ensures satisfactory student achievement and progress;
  • provide a quiet work-like site for learning;
  • follow a suitable and appropriate curriculum for the student;
  • provide daily monitoring and support for the student;
  • promote life-long learning skills;
  • assess student progress and maintain a portfolio of student work that contains a variety of criterion (referenced tests, observations, checklists, etc);
  • be available, along with the student, for a regular review of student achievement.

The responsibility of the HOME EDUCATION PRINCIPAL is to:

  • provide information about registration and responsibilities of Home Education;
  • provide Home Education Notification Form to interested parties;
  • assist, if required, the parent in developing a Home Education Program Plan suitable to the student's needs and consistent with either the Alberta Program of Studies or the Learner Outcomes outlined in the Home Education regulation of the School Act;
  • approve the Home Education Program Plan;
  • assist, if required, the parent/guardian in acquiring resources for the Home Education Program Plan;
  • approve materials required for the Home Education Program Plan;
  • monitor the student's progress a minimum of two times in the year;
  • support the parent in efforts to promote life-long learning skills;
  • assist the parent/guardian with educational strategies;
  • assess the progress of the student at least once during the middle of the year;
  • recommend a suitable program for the following year;
  • maintain records of the assessment of the student’s progress;
  • notify parent/guardian of eligibility to write PAT’s or Diploma Exams;
  • provide the opportunity for diagnostic, ability or Standardized Achievement Tests.

Please make sure to include the following information with your child's registration form:

  • Proof of Identification/Citizenship (one of the following):
    - Canadian Birth Certificate*
    - Status Card from Indian & Northern Affairs Canada
    - Canadian Citizenship Certificate
    - Adoption Certificate
    - Passport
    - Visa 
    - Permanent Resident Documents

  • Proof of Citizenship for Foreign Born Students (one of the following):
    - Canadian Citizenship Card
    - Permanent Resident Card
    - Parent/Guardian Canadian Work Permit
    - Parent/Guardian Canadian Temporary Resident Permit
    - Parent/Guardian Student Study Permit 
    - Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement of Convention of Refugee Claim

  • Alberta Health Care Number

  • Physical Address & Mailing Address
    - Urban Residents please provide your street address
    - Rural Residents please provide your legal land location and green driveway sign address

  • Current Contact Numbers for Parents/Guardians & Emergency Contacts

*Birth Certificate Application Form (download and open in Acrobat if your browser doesn't display the form)
AB Application for Birth Documents

For more information on how to apply for an Alberta Birth Certificate please visit the Alberta Government website: 
Order a Birth Certificate