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Staffing Announcement: Supervisor of Learning Services - Teacher Induction

July 5, 2022 District Announcements news
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Fort Vermilion School Division is pleased
to announce the following appointment:

Bonnie Hunley
Supervisor of Learning Services - Teacher Induction

Fort Vermilion School Division

Bonnie began her career with FVSD in 1989 as a teacher at Fort Vermilion Public School followed by a number of years at St. Mary’s Elementary School before moving into her first leadership role as Lead Teacher in 2002. Since this date, Bonnie has held many Assistant Principal and Principal roles at schools throughout the Division such as Hill Crest, Blue Hills, Sand Hills, St. Mary’s, and Fort Vermilion Public. Bonnie completed her Master in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Alberta.

"During the past 33 years in my role as teacher, assistant principal, principal, and lead teacher, the learning journey is never ending. The role of Supervisor of Learning Services – New Teacher Induction allows me the opportunity to mentor, inspire, educate, coach, share, influence, and instruct teachers new to the profession and new to our school division. I will play an active role in supporting all new teachers and assisting them with their learning journey as they begin their career with FVSD. Together, we can help all students learn and succeed!