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Jr. Basketball teams shine in Earlybird Classic

December 11, 2019
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Here are the final scores and winners of the 2019 Jr. Lancer Earlybird Classic, which took place in La Crete at La Crete Public School and at Ridgeview Central School on Dec. 6 and 7.

Girls Draw

Gold: Glenmary “A”

Silver: LCPS “A”

Bronze: Menno Simons

Consolation: Glenmary “B”


Friday, Dec. 6

G1: HCCS defeats LCPS “B” 33-29

G2: LCPS “A” defeats FVPS 67-7

G3: HLPS “A” defeats Glenmary “B” 50-22

G4: Menno Simons beats HLPS “B” 74-17

G5: Glenmary “A” defeats HCCS 63-4


Saturday, Dec. 7

G6: Glenmary “B” defeats FVPS 57-26

G7: LCPS “B” defeats HLPS “B” 46-27, LCPS “B” advances to consolation game

G8: LCPS “A” defeats HLPS “A” 53-36, LCPS “A” advances to championship game

G9: Glenmary “A” defeats Menno Simons 51-23, Glenmary “A” advances to championship game

G10: Glenmary “B” defeats HCCS 36-22, Glenmary “B” advances to consulation game

G11: FVPS defeats HLPS “B” 28-23

G12: Menno Simons defeats HLPS “A” 47-36, Menno Simons named Bronze medal winner

G13: Glenmary “B” defeats LCPS “B” 64-31, Glenmary “B” named Consolation round winner

G14: Glenmary “A” defeats LCPS “A” 40-38, Glenmary “A” named Gold medal winner, LCPS “A” named Silver medal winner


Boys Draw

Gold: LCPS “A”

Silver: Glenmary “A”

Bronze: HLPS “A”

Consolation: LCPS “B”


Friday, Dec. 6

B1: HLPS “A” defeats HCCS 46-29

B2: LCPS “A” defeats Glenmary “B” 97-13

B3: Menno Simons defeats HLPS “B” 82-22

B4: Glenmary “A” defeats LCPS “B” 70-14


Saturday, Dec. 7

B5: HCCS defeats Glenmary “B” 48-27, HCCS advances to consolation game

B6: LCPS “B” defeats HLPS “B” 43-27, LCPS “B” advances to consolation game

B7: Glenmary “A” defeats Menno Simons 65-30, Glenmary A advances to championship game

B8: LCPS “A” defeats HLPS “A” 83-11, LCPS “A” advances to championship game

B9: HLPS “B” defeats Glenmary “B” 43-24

B10: LCPS “B” defeats HCCS 45-42, LCPS “B” named Consolation round winner

B11: HLPS “A” defeats Menno Simons 54-48, HLPS “A” named Bronze medal winner

B12: LCPS “A” defeats Glenmary “A” 53-36, LCPS “A” named Gold medal winner, Glenmary “A” named Silver medal winner.