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'Growing Our Own' with the FVSD Bachelor of Education Bursary

December 1, 2023 District Announcements news
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Fort Vermilion School Division is now accepting applications for our Bachelor of Education Bursary; a highly successful program that assists mature and graduating students to obtain their Bachelor of Education Degree while still living and working in their home community.

Not just for recent grads, this Bursary is designed to give mature students an opportunity to obtain their degree. Maybe post-secondary wasn’t in the cards right after high school or the demands of children and family took precedence over further education. Whatever the reason, FVSD strongly encourages anyone interested in obtaining their Bachelor of Education Degree to apply. Whether you are looking to re-enter the workforce or change careers, this Bursary could be a first step towards a new path.

There are incredible people in the region who understand our communities, schools, and unique local needs much more intimately than someone new to the area. In addition to local knowledge and connections, teachers from our region can be fantastic role models for youth thinking about entering the education field and an example of the possibilities out there for our northern students.

In alignment with the Division priority of Connectivity, FVSD is committed to reflecting the diversity seen in our communities among our teaching staff. Our region boasts residents from around the world as well as being home to families who have roots going back a hundred years or more. Our children and students truly benefit from being educated by individuals with a personal connection to their community and a vested interest in the success of our region.

If you are of Beaver, Cree, Dene, or Metis descent and want to be a teacher, we want you to apply!

Filipino or Mennonite and passionate about education and teaching? Apply for this bursary and embrace the opportunity to positively impact our youth and communities!

Applicants for the Bursary must meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • graduating from an FVSD school,
  • currently working for FVSD (min 2 years),
  • currently living with FVSD boundaries (min 3 years)

Recipients of this bursary will also be required to sign a minimum two-year return of service agreement. Currently there are 38 students enrolled in the program and completing studies through universities across Alberta.

Speaking to the importance of this bursary, Associate Superintendent Terry Gibson said,

“Finding teachers in the current environment is becoming increasingly more difficult. If we can grow our own teachers and have people stay for the long haul, recruiting pressures will ease.

Another benefit to having teachers for longer periods in the same schools is a better education for our children. Teachers can be trained in our programs and the instructional strategies that we know will produce the best results in student achievement.”

Interested individuals have until January 15, 2024 to submit their application.

More information about the program and application process can be found on our Bursary page:

FVSD Bachelor of Education Bursary