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Fort Vermilion School Division honours merit

October 18, 2019
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2019 School Merit Awards "Connectivity" - Northern Home Education Centre

On September 20, 2019, Fort Vermilion School Division held their annual “FVSD Awards Ceremony” during a Professional Development Day at High Level Public School.

This year, four awards were presented as part of the 2019 School Merit Awards in the categories of Connectivity, Literacy, Numeracy, and Innovative Programming. There were also three 2019 Individual Merit Awards presented for Teacher/Administrator, Support Staff, and Bus Driver.

2019 School Merit Awards

Connectivity: Northern Home Education Centre

NHEC fosters connectivity in many aspects of their instruction. This includes a strong service component that sees students taking part in community service activities such as assisting with harvesting operations. Social connections are fostered through group events. And activities are geared toward current NHEC students as well as younger siblings in order to transition future students into the program. A strong focus is placed on family involvement.

Literacy: Hill Crest Community School

Students at this school have progressed in their reading skills with improving ability to decode, comprehend, and fluently read at or above grade level through the “Triple T” testing of students. Often, children learn in small groups with a coordinator, making their learning fun and exciting.

Innovative Programming: High Level Public School

This school has built a culture of jumping into new challenges with both feet and staying moving when things get tough. They have taken on the challenges of Guided Math and their teachers are helping establish benchmarks with numeracy. Staff have been actively working with other teachers in Professional Development around Guided Math and numeracy.

Innovative Programming: High Level Public School

A recent internal survey revealed that 95 per cent of students indicated they are connected with at least one staff member in the building – and HLPS views this as a starting point to raise that number even higher. The school features a robust athletics program as well as a number of clubs and groups featuring activities such as gaming and reading to featuring a production of “Annie” this year. These groups foster creativity, encourage connectivity, and provide students with experiences they may not otherwise receive – all thanks to dedicated staff who go above and beyond their roles as educators.

2019 Individual Merit Awards

Teacher/Administrator: Ann Thompson

Ann Thompson is a Grade 1 teacher at Florence MacDougall Community School who is recognized for her work in the classroom and her dedication to ensuring her students grow as learners. Her exuberance is evident to parents she interacts with, and her tireless work to ensure students are getting the most they can out of their time at school is deeply appreciated by those whose children are growing and learning under Thompson’s care.

Support Staff: Stacey Froese

As an FSVD plumber, Froese puts maximum effort into his work and yet always has time to be courteous, professional, and kind both to staff and with students he interacts with. He often takes the time to explain the work his is doing to curious students, and does so in a way that children find comforting and can understand.

Bus Driver: Aggie Knelsen

Knelsen has dedicated countless hours to FVSD both as a bus driver and as an Educational Assistant. This year, she was instrumental in helping an FVSD student build strong relationships on and off the bus. She goes out of her way to nurture and calm anxious bus students and is always looking for ways to further support students.