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2023 Community Consultations

March 9, 2023
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FVSD's annual Community Consultations are set to begin next Monday, with the first event taking place at High Level Public School.

Throughout the months of March, April, and May, Superintendent of Schools Mike McMann and members of Central Office staff will be attending an evening event at each Division school. Parents and guardians around the Division are encouraged to attend the Community Consultation taking place at your local school. 

What is a Community Consultation? It is an opportunity for you to speak directly with the Superintendent and your local school Trustee(s). The conversation, collaboration and engagement of students and parents at both the system and local school level will assist in providing an assurance that a quality education has been provided and achieved. In order to meet the needs of our students and communities we need your feedback!

The Fort Vermilion School Division Board of Trustees has identified three current areas of priority:

  1. FVSD will foster CONNECTIVITY and well-being amongst community, students, parents, and staff
  2. All students will improve LITERACY skills
  3. All students will improve NUMERACY skills

These Consultations perform the important function of providing an opportunity for the Superintendent, Trustees and parents/guardians to come together and discuss community needs. How are we doing? Where are we going? And, how will we get there?

Please join us! Each school will begin their Consultation event at 7 PM with the exception of Buffalo Head Prairie School (8 PM), and Upper Hay River School (5 PM).

Community Consultation Dates by School:

  • March 13 - High Level Public School
  • March 14 - Ridgeview Central School
  • March 16 - Rocky Lane School
  • March 20 - Hill Crest Community School
  • March 27 - La Crete Public School
  • March 28 - Florence MacDougall Community School
  • March 30 - Blue Hills Community School
  • April 24 - Spirit of the North Community School
  • April 25 - Pathways & Northern Home Education
  • May 8 - Sand Hills Elementary School
  • May 9 - Upper Hay River School
  • May 10 - Buffalo Head Prairie School
  • May 11 - Rainbow Lake School
  • May 23 - Fort Vermilion Public School / St. Mary's Catholic School

For more information contact FVSD Central Office at 780-927-3766 (click here to EMAIL) or contact your local school office.