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2020 Northern Bear tournament winners announced

January 30, 2020
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Here are the results of the 2020 Northern Bear junior basketball tournament that took place in High Level at High Level Public School, Spirit of the North Community School, and Florence MacDougall Community School on Friday and Saturday, Jan. 24 and 25.


Final results:

Gold: LCPS “A”

Silver: Glenmary “A”

Bronze: Peace High

Consolation: La Crete “B”

Friday, Jan. 24

HLPS “B” defeats Glenmary “B” 35-20

Rosary defeats La Crete “B” 73-46

Peace High defeats Hillcrest 60-15

HLPS “A” defeats Grimshaw 60-13

LCPS “A” defeats HLPS “B” 74-11

Glenmary “A” defeats Rosary 68-20

Saturday, Jan. 25

Hillcrest defeats Glenmary “B” 29-24

LCPS “B” defeats Grimshaw 40-38

LCPS “A” defeats Peace High 86-21

Glenmary “A” defeats HLPS “A” 57-13

Grimshaw defeats Glenmary “B” 42-20

Rosary defeats HLPS “B” 55-38

LCPS “B” defeats Hillcrest 31-29 in the Consolation Game

Peace High defeats HLPS “A” 54-30 in the Bronze Medal Game

LCPS “A” defeats Glenmary “A” 64-56 in the Gold Medal Game


Final results:

Gold: La Crete “A”

Silver: Glenmary “A”

Bronze: High Level “A”

Consolation: Grimshaw

Friday, Jan. 24

Glenmary “B” defeats HLPS “B” 30-12

LCPS “B” defeats Rosary 39-26

HLPS “A” defeats Hillcrest 51-16

Peace High defeats Grimshaw 34-23

LCPS “A” defeats Glenmary “B” 51-9

Glenmary “A” defeats LCPS “B” 72-12

Saturday, Jan. 25

Hillcrest defeats HLPS “B” 30-15

Grimshaw defeats Rosary 30-10

LCPS “A” defeats HLPS “A” 47-26

Glenmary defeats Peace High 50-18

Rosary defeats HLPS “B” 33-25

Glenmary “B” defeats LCPS “B” 40-14

Grimshaw defeats Hillcrest 29-16 in the Consolation Game

High Level “A” defeats Peace High 60-36 in the Bronze Medal Game

LCPS “A” defeats Glenmary “A” 40-29 in the Gold Medal Game