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Amanda Paul

WARD 4 Trustee - Fort Vermilion

FVSD has three main priorities: Numeracy, Literacy and Connectivity. Speaking to these priorities – what are your goals for our schools?

My main focus would be connectivity. Without the connectivity aspect there are no relationships built which I feel is a key component in the child’s learning experience. Numeracy and literacy will happen when connections are made.


How will you help advance these goals?

I would like to see stronger relationships and involvement with parents and caregivers of our students. Parents have a voice and they need to be supported and heard, their involvement is crucial.


What ideas do you have to move education forward in northwestern Alberta over the next four years?

I would like to see more learning opportunities take place outside of the traditional schools walls. There are numerous opportunities where authentic learning can take place we just need to take advantage of them. Dual credit programs are one example.


As a Trustee, what governance issues do you hope to work on during your term?

There will be many issues, however, the new curriculum and the FNMI components or the lack thereof are concerning.


Tell us a little about yourself – what is your connection to the region?

I was born, raised and continue to raise my family in Fort Vermilion. I graduated with a teaching degree and began my teaching career at Rocky Lane School. I obtained my master’s in 2018 and working on a doctorate in K-12 Leadership. I currently work as an instructor at Northern Lakes College.