Teacher Connect Guide

Select a Date, Time and Teacher

Once you have clicked on the link for the School you want to connect with, you will be shown the following page.

  • Select an available date on the calendar.
  • Select a time you would like somebody to call you.
  • Select a Teacher

Add your Details and Additional Information

  1. Add the name of the person we are calling.
  2. Add an email (optional)
  3. Add a contact number that we can reach you on.
  4. Add the Grade(s) of the Students we are calling about
  5. Add any additional information we might need. 

Booking Confirmation

If you added an email address on the step above, you will be sent a Calendar Appointment. This will show you the details of your appointment. If you need to reschedule or cancel the appointment, you can click the button at the bottom showing 'Manage Booking'.

Manage your Booking

Once you have opened your appointment, you can reschedule the date, time and teacher you wish to speak to as well as cancel the appointment.


If you can not make the scheduled appointment, please cancel it to enable other parents and students to schedule a time with that teacher.