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High Level Public School Welcomes Parents!

We appreciate the efforts of those who offer their services as volunteers for curricular or extra-curricular events happening in the school. Please call the school or contact your child’s teacher if you would like to become involved with us in any manner.

Parents/Guardians are a vital part of every child’s education. This education starts long before children come to school in the simple forms of talking with your children, reading, playing games, and spending time with them.

Fort Vermilion School Division encourages parents/guardians to stay informed and support their children throughout their school career. 

  • Make sure your children attend classes regularly, arrive at school on time, and do their homework.
  • Attend school events, support the school and stay in contact with school staff.
  • Help your children develop positive attitudes to school and respect the staff and school property.
  • Show common courtesy and respect to all; abusive language and aggressive behavior are unacceptable at all times.
  • Treat all individuals respectfully regardless of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  • Encourage the peaceful resolution of conflict.  Discourage violent or aggressive behavior to solve a problem.
  • Should there be a concern, try to solve it with your child’s teacher.  If unresolved, contact the principal.  If the problem remains, then contact the superintendent.  If the concern is not resolved at this level, then contact the board of Trustees.
  • Inform the school of the student’s absence as soon as possible by either calling the school or sending a note with the student immediately upon his/her returns to school.
  • Attend Parent/Teacher interviews.
  • Talk about the Code of Conduct with your child or children and what it means.

Expectations for the Student

  • Attend school regularly and punctually 
  • Make the most of the time in school and strive for academic excellence through classroom participation.
  • Show common courtesy and respect to all; defiance of authority, abusive language and aggressive behavior are unacceptable at all times.
  • Behave respectfully to all, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  • Solve conflicts peacefully through discussion or seeking help.
  • Dress appropriately for classes and activities.  Students dressed in a manner distracting to the educational pursuits of others will be directed to dress in a desirable manner, which may necessitate the student returning home to dress appropriately.  In such events the home will be contacted.
  • Respect school property and the property of others
  • Students who bike or skateboard to school must wear helmets.
  • Students are expected to remove hats within the facility.
  • Students who are in the hallway during class time need to have a hall pass from their teacher.

Report A Student Absence

Please email or call the school office to excuse a student absence or late arrival. 

Email the Office

Phone: 780-926-3706

Thank you!


PowerSchool Student Portal

Access your current grades and attendance through the Student Portal. Stop by the office to get your login information! 


myPass - Alberta Education

This is an Alberta Education secure, self-service website for Alberta students to:

  • view diploma exam results and request re-scores
  • register to write a diploma exam
  • order high school transcripts
  • view progress towards a credential (diploma or certificate)
  • view and print a Detailed Academic Report (DAR)
  • order additional copies of an awarded credential
  • view student personal information