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At FMCS we are proud to offer a wide variety of opportunities to help our students succeed.

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Inclusive Education

What is Inclusive Education?

Inclusive education welcomes all children, including those with developmental disabilities, into regular classroom settings while providing quality education to meet the needs of all students.

  • Inclusion embraces participation, a sense of belonging and engagement in learning.
  • Inclusive education supports the learning needs of all students. Some students benefit from a specially developed program to meet their needs as a learner.

  • The Alberta government has developed specific categories to assist schools in identifying students who require additional supports with their educational programming. Each of these categories is given a code, primarily for reporting special education data to Alberta Education.

  • A child is assigned a code once a qualified professional has given a diagnosis of a disability or disorder. This could include a speech pathologist, a psychologist or another type of specialist.

  • A student with a code may, at some point, drop their code. An example of this is with speech and language. Upon re-assessment by a Speech Language Pathologist, it may be revealed that a student has achieved all of the goals and their speech and language skills are now age-appropriate.

  • This is an Individualized Program Plan. An IPP is developed if an assessment of the child has shown a need in one or more of the following categories: intellectual abilities, speech and language abilities, academic performance, emotional and behavioural development and/or physical development of a student.

  • An IPP focuses on a student’s individual needs and strengths.

  • An IPP is a plan. What do we do now to help the student continue to be successful in the future?

  • An IPP is a working document and a record of student progress.

  • An IPP is a collaboration between the teacher, the parent and other school personnel involved with the child’s educational program. (Older students are encouraged to be part of the IPP development and updates.)

ride on scooter and bike with training wheels
  • Once a diagnosis has been provided, programming is designed and implemented to provide the maximum level of learning for the student.

  • Depending on the need(s), a student may use specialized equipment or assistive technology.

  • The student may be provided with assistance with basic care.

  • If there has been an articulation diagnosis, the student may receive pull-out support from a speech assistant.

  • The Multidisciplinary Team (Physiotherapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Psychologist, Educational Programming Coordinator, Hearing and Vision Services) may be requested to provide support.

Early Intervention (PUF) Program

Florence MacDougall Community School offers a very successful Early Intervention Program designed for 3 and 4 year old children who would benefit from some level of intervention prior to attending Kindergarten. We are currently seeking children who may qualify for our upcoming 2023-2024 program.

Early Intervention provides its students with a structured, language enriched environment that will support the development of language, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and other areas of need identified by specialists. The classroom teacher, with the help of a team of assistants, will implement a hands-on, interactive style of programming.

The program curriculum is completely designed to meet the diagnosed needs of the children in the classroom and support the development of social and academic skills needed for Kindergarten.

Programming will include group activities, centers (ie. puzzles, dramatic play, crafts, building, etc.), writing, read alouds, music and much more.

Parents MUST present a birth certificate in order to register their child for early
intervention. As well, a specialized assessment that indicates a moderate to severe
level of delay/disability must be provided. Areas of need may include language,
articulation, and/or a medical diagnosis, with priority given to 4 year old's with speech/language delays.

Alberta Education’s eligibility requirements include:
► Have completed specialized assessment within the last six months
that indicates an area of moderate to severe need;
► MUST BE 3 years of age as of December 31, 2023 if results indicate a severe delay;
► MUST BE a resident of the Town of High Level or Mackenzie County;
► For children living on reserve, please call 1-844-588-8748 to inquire about funding.

For more information on Jordan's Principle please visit the Indigenous Services Canada website: Jordan's Principle

Visit our Supply Lists & Registration Page to download a copy of our Early Intervention Handbook and for information on registering your child with FMCS.

For further information regarding Inclusive Education or Early Intervention (PUF) at FMCS, please contact one of the following individuals at 780-926-2331 or by email:

Jessica Morris 
Inclusive Education Coordinator

Stefanie Brown 

Melanie Arcand 
Assistant Principal