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FMCS Admin Profiles for the 2022-2023 School Year

October 27, 2022

Stefanie Brown, Principal

During a visit to High Level with a friend who grew up here, Stefanie applied for a Kindergarten position with FVSD. She has since had a 21 year career teaching in northwestern Alberta! Her favorite subject as a young student was Language Arts because it opens the door for self-expression. Even though she wanted to be a veterinarian or marine biologist growing up, Stefanie ultimately pursued a teaching degree.

“With in-person activities coming back, I'm so excited to see our FMCS families and community members face to face. Assemblies, Christmas events, Music Showcase, Track and Field, Teddy Bear Picnic and so much more will give us the opportunity to deepen our connections with our families and community.”


Stephen Kirkpatrick, Assistant Principal

Two months after interviewing with FVSD at a university career fair, Stephen was on his way from New Brunswick to Alberta. Accepting a position for the experience led to 10 years with the Division! With a love of reading and learning through storytelling, Stephen’s favorite subject growing up was Language Arts. Thanks to the amazing teachers he had as a youth and the impact they made through hard work and coaching, Stephen has wanted to be a teacher since middle school.

“Being new to FMCS and this age level I feel like I am experiencing new things every day. I am really looking forward to the Holiday Season with this age level as I'm sure they bring an entirely different type of energy to the table than what I am used to. The staff and students here at FMCS have been very welcoming and I am very happy to witness the growth and learning of our little Cubs.”