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Superintendent Mike McMann Receives Dyslexia Canada Educational Excellence Award

April 30, 2024 District Announcements news

We are excited to share that Mike McMann, Superintendent of Fort Vermilion School Division, has been honored with the Dyslexia Canada Educational Excellence Award for 2024. This award recognizes his exceptional dedication to supporting students with dyslexia and reading, as well as his advocacy of the science of reading throughout his career.

Each year, Dyslexia Canada recognizes individuals who make a significant impact in supporting students with dyslexia, and Superintendent McMann has certainly left a mark. His leadership team's efforts have notably enhanced reading levels within Fort Vermilion School Division (FVSD), reflecting a deep commitment to educational excellence.

Under McMann's guidance, FVSD has implemented innovative programs aimed at assisting students with dyslexia and improving literacy outcomes for all learners. An emphasis on evidence-based practices has contributed to a positive shift in educational approaches within our school communities. One of the cornerstones of FVSD's approach is the regular assessment of students, conducted twice a year to establish a baseline and track growth in literacy skills. The resulting data is compiled and analyzed, informing the implementation of appropriate interventions for students struggling with literacy and dyslexia.

Fort Vermilion School Division is dedicated to utilizing evidence-based practices in literacy instruction that are grounded in the five pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Superintendent McMann and his team are strong supporters of the science of reading, aligning literacy instruction with recommendations from the 2019 Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Right to Read inquiry report. FVSD has also been working closely with Dr. George Georgiou, Professor at the University of Alberta, and his research team, to implement best practices and targeted interventions based on Dr. Georgiou’s groundbreaking work around early reading and literacy.

In response to the award, McMann remarked, "I am deeply honored to receive this award. This recognition is a testament to the collective efforts of our educators, staff, and community partners who are dedicated to supporting students with dyslexia and promoting literacy proficiency. Together, we will continue to champion evidence-based practices and ensure that every student receives the support they need to succeed."

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