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Notice to parents regarding the newly-completed Tourism Partnership report

May 25, 2020
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Notice to parents regarding the newly-completed Tourism Partnership report

This report was completed in conjunction with Regional Economic Development Initiative of the Northwest (REDI), Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association (MFTA), Alberta Cares Grant and input from many partners, members and interested parties across the region.

Please see the executive summary and fill report below:

Executive Summary

There are studies, documents and reports, across a multitude of media and organizations that highlight tourism concepts for the Frontier region. Multiple agencies either at a Municipal, Provincial or Federal scale have offered advice and guidance. Reports that have opportunities identified, and most of the opportunities highlighted have all come with a price-tag that is sometimes downright frightening.

We are going to try and summarize some of what is out there and include the knowledge that we have gathered over the past few years in regard to ideas and opportunities that are percolating in the Frontier. Include the list of additional sources that we have found for those of you that want to delve deeper. We are confident that this report will help assist the REDI Board, Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association Board and our Members, Municipalities, our First Nation Governments, current and potential tourism operators from all walks of life with direction and areas where they can start rolling up their sleeves and build on the bones of what is already available.

The real work will commence and continue once this report is finalized and circulated. Bringing awareness to stakeholders, partners and the public to the potential within the Frontier and some of the opportunities that are within the region. This work will be carried out by REDI and MFTA, our collective members and interested parties across the Region. We are confident that this report will start the creative ideas flowing and with our Frontier spirit and attitudes it will be interesting to see how tourism develops in the Region.

We feel that tourism growth in the Frontier and some of the challenges that we face can be overcome by creating an atmosphere for partnerships, setting attainable expectations for both operator and tourist, build on what we have and the active promotion of opportunities. We need to think about what ‘tourism’ means to us and be authentic. Be true to the region, our cultures and share all the reasons why we love calling the Frontier home! We will continue to promote that everyone is a tourist and that tourism in this region is important and doable to all our Frontier residents; Frontierian’s, is that a word? Maybe it will catch on! We all play a role in a successful tourism destination area, operation, event or experience.

This report we hope will become a living document, that will grow with additional conversation, ideas and as tourism is developed in the Frontier. It is not meant to be put on a shelf and forgotten… use it, share it, make notes in the margins, cover it with additional ideas on sticky notes and keep us in the loop to your additions and developments!

You can view the full report HERE.

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