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Flashing Amber & Red - School Bus Safety REMINDER

September 5, 2023 news transportation
front of school bus

School busses are back on the roads and there are a few things drivers need to keep in mind when the lights are flashing AMBER and RED.

If you are driving on an undivided highway (no median) or roadway in one of our communities please follow the steps below to ensure our children arrive at school or home safely:

  1. Flashing AMBER lights is a warning that means the school bus will be stopping to let students on or off the bus. Vehicles approaching from BOTH directions must be ready to stop. 

  2. Please use extra CAUTION if you pass a school bus that has flashing AMBER lights.

  3. Flashing RED lights and an extended STOP SIGN (driver's side) means the school bus is stopped and students will be entering or exiting the bus. You MUST come to a complete stop 4-5 car lengths (20 metres) away from the school bus. This distance allows other drivers to see the flashing lights and any students that may be crossing the roadway. 

  4. Remain stopped until the RED lights are no longer flashing and the stop sign on the driver's side is no longer extended.

Test your bus safety knowledge! Check out this Pop Quiz* video from the Student Transportation Association of Alberta:

*NOTE: As of Sept 1, 2022 Alberta school buses are able to travel at the posted speed limit and are no longer restricted to a maximum speed of 90 km/hr.