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Dale Lederer

WARD 1 Trustee - Rainbow Lake

FVSD has three main priorities: Numeracy, Literacy and Connectivity. Speaking to these priorities – what are your goals for our schools?

Numeracy - kids need to be able to do basic math in there head. They also need to know about credit, (how it works and what affects it) both with credit cards and loans. Literacy - it is the foundation of learning, we need to read before anything else can happen. Connectivity - schools need to connect with communities and students need to learn how to connect with society


How will you help advance these goals?

By continuing to keep them as the Division’s goals until our targets are met.


What ideas do you have to move education forward in northwestern Alberta over the next four years?

We must continue to find ways to connect with kids and keep them in school. We must hire the best teachers possible and put them in a position to succeed.


As a Trustee, what governance issues do you hope to work on during your term?

We need to continue to work on Governance and avoid trying to run the division, that is what we hire a Superintendent for.


Tell us a little about yourself – what is your connection to the region?

My family moved to Rainbow Lake in 1972. I finished my schooling here (was in Rainbow Lake’s first grade 12 class ). I moved away to start my career but was fortunate to be able to return and continue my career. My 3 kids completed all their schooling at Rainbow Lake School and now I have a grandchild attending the school.