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Yard Service & Cross Boundary Attendance

Rural Yard Service

Yard service will be provided free of charge to students where there is a child in grade three or less and the driveway exceeds 0.4 kilometers (1/4 Mile), or where the driveway exceeds 0.8 kilometers (1/2 Mile) for any other students. Yard service may also be provided for a family with a physically disabled student or where a road side pick-up is not practical or not safe.

Parents who want yard service and do not meet the distance requirements may still request this service. It will be reviewed by the Director of Essential Services who will take into consideration the driveway distance, the age of the students, and the overall impact on the entire bus route. If approved, a charge of $75 per month will apply.

Cross Boundary Attendance

Cross boundary transportation will not be provided for students attending schools out of their attendance area.

However, subject to space availability on the bus, students may ride to a school out of their area from a location on an existing bus route. Existing bus routes will not be modified to provide transportation services to students outside their attendance area. 

Permission from the Essential Services Director is required prior to any cross boundary transfers. Email Bruce Harder or call the office at 780-928-3860.