Dual Credit & Innovative Programming

FVSD is pleased to offer dual credit courses for high school students, beginning in September 2022. 

Dual Credit Programs

Dual Credit programs provide students in grades 10-12 with the opportunity to take apprenticeship training or begin a post-secondary course while still in high school. Students earn high school and post-secondary credits at the same time and get a jump start on their careers!

FVSD has partnered with Northern Lakes College to offer a variety of Dual Credit courses with more in development. This partnership will allow our students to access greater opportunities for post-secondary education and complete programs of study while remaining in their home communities. Educating our own future nurses, paramedics, health care aides, early childhood educators, social workers and trades people is a high priority for the Division. Students looking to pursue studies at university can also take University Transfer courses through this program.

In addition to earning post-secondary course credits and potentially graduating high school with the first year of education in their chosen field complete, students will also have their course tuition fees paid for by Fort Vermilion School Division. 

Visit the Northern Lakes College website for more program information: NLC Dual Credit Programs

  • SAVE MONEY! Fort Vermilion School Division covers the cost of tuition, saving you and your parents thousands of dollars.
  • It prepares students for a post-secondary environment and helps ease the transition from high school to college.
  • Students complete courses toward a credential before even entering a post-secondary institution, reducing the time required to complete their chosen program.
  • It can be a great motivational boost to stay in school, and builds confidence to continue on a post-secondary path after high school.
  • Many students’ find their high school grades are positively impacted. Participation in a Dual Credit course highlights, in a very practical way, the need for education to continue pursuing their future career goals.
  • It's an opportunity for hands-on experience in an area of interest, but does not interrupt high school programming.
  • Time and money invested in education at a post-secondary level can be significant! Earlier exposure to courses can assist students in determining if a specific career is the right choice for them.

Connect with your high school guidance counselor to discuss options and to ensure you have completed the prerequisites before the program starts. Complete the NLC Dual Credit application package and return it to your counselor for forwarding to the College.

Please note, if you are under 18 years of age, the forms will require a parent or guardian signature. 

ELIGIBILITY: All current FVSD high school students and graduates who are under 20 years of age as of September 1, 2022.