Regional Collaborative Service Delivery


Purpose: The purpose of Regional Collaborative Service Delivery is to enable the collaboration between Health (including Alberta Health Services), Human Services, Education, and community organizations to address identified needs, coordinate and leverage systems, build system capacity, and plan for sustainability in meeting the needs of children, youth and their families.

Vision: Children and Youth reach their full potential. 

  • Children and youth are successful 
  • Children and youth are healthy 
  • Children, youth and their families are secure and resilient

Goal: Relevant regional supports and services meet the needs of children and youth in the context of their schools, families and communities in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


  • Effective Collaboration 
  • Enable Supports 
  • System Improvement

Children and youth who are registered with Alberta Education in the ECS to grade 12 system in one of the following are eligible for services through RCSD:

  • Public school program 
  • Private school program 
  • Private ECS operator program 
  • Institutional education program 
  • Homebound program or home education program 
  • Alternative program such as online, blended and outreach

The following are also eligible for services through RCSD: 

  • Children and youth who have been identified as having a low incidence disability or who require a coordinated plan for wrap-around service delivery through a multi-disciplinary approach 
  • Children and youth with complex needs between the ages of 0 and 20 
  • Educators and other school staff, families, service providers and community providers through cross-sector training and capacity building

The Northern Lights RCSD consists of Fort Vermilion School Division No. 52, High Level Christian Academy, Alberta Health Services Northern Region, and Region 8 Child and Family Services. Expansion of RCSD to the neighbouring First Nation Communities is in the beginning stages.

Currently, the priority areas for the Northern Lights RCSD are as follows:

  • Provide an effective, consistent and predictable continuum of services for learners who require mental health/emotional behavioural supports 
  • Provide an effective, consistent and predictable continuum of services for learners who require speech and language supports Learning Supports and Services 
  • Provide coordinated services for children and youth who have complex needs and who require service from more than one ministry 
  • Provide assessment and consultation services for children and youth with low incidence disabilities and those requiring a coordinated multidisciplinary team approach.

The following staffing is in place to provide services through RCSD and Inclusive Education funding: 

  • RCSD Regional Manager 
  • 7 Speech Assistants who provide targeted and individualized speech and language programming 
  • 2 Mental Health Therapists 
    • One in the La Crete and area schools and 
    • One in the Fort Vermilion and Rocky Lane Schools 
  • 4 Student Wellness Coaches 
    • One in the La Crete and area schools 
    • One shared among the La Crete area and Fort Vermilion schools
    • One in the Fort Vermilion schools and 
    • One at Rocky Lane school 
  • Local multi-disciplinary team that provides assessment and consultation services to schools within the RCSD region: Psychologist, SLP, Diverse Learning Coordinator, Occupational Therapist

Northern Lights RCSD Brochure

RCSD Fact Sheet