Coordinator Connection

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Candice Scott

Diane Little

Kitty Moulton

Amber Paul

Kristin Wright

Kelly Bourgeois

Diverse Learning Coordinators

The Diverse Learning Coordinators provide coaching support for teachers in the schools. This support may provide the following functions, among other possibilities, depending on the individual teacher:

  • Resource Provider: providing information and resources upon teacher request. Routinely providing updates on new resources.
  • Instructional Leader: Building teacher capacity to explore the use of research-based instructional strategies (eg. differentiated instruction, positive behaviour supports, universal design for learning, response to intervention) and innovative practices to ensure that all students have access to meaningful and effective learning opportunities.
  • Classroom Supporter: Building teacher capacity to explore and enhance innovative instructional practices through systematic modeling, co-teaching and feedback.
  • Learning Supporter: In collaboration with staff,  identifying school needs to implement professional learning plans that enhance teachers' abilities to address the unique strengths and needs of all learners in the school community.
  • Mentor: Building and maintaining relationships with teachers so that a high level of trust is created and maintained between the teacher and the Diverse Learning Coordinator.
  • Assessment Guide: Helping teachers select, understand and use data to improve instruction.
  • Change Agent: Promoting exploration and change in instructional practices (eg. introducing innovative ideas, questioning practices, making observations, new technology).
  • Lifelong Learner: Modeling, experiencing and promoting continuous learning experiences ( eg. asking questions, researching possibilities, seeking a variety of options.)

Numeracy Coordinators

Potential Topics of Focus

  • Formative Assessment
  • Real-World Numeracy Applications
  • Making Math Concrete and Visual
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Robotics
  • Teaching the Seven Mathematical Processes
  • Quick Draw Techniques
  • Mental Math and Estimation tasks
  • Smartboard Numeracy Lessons
  • Critical Thinking in Numeracy
  • Number Talks
  • Using Comparison for Building Vocabulary
  • Recognizing and Understanding Math Patterns
  • Guided Math Frameworks

Jason is the K-6 Numeracy coordinator. His main focus is to support teacher, school, and jurisdictional initiatives in Elementary Numeracy. Through a partnership approach, Jason will support you in rationales of teaching pedagogy, co-planning, demonstration of teaching mathematical concepts, observing students, formative assessment and to obtain valuable resources.

Shannon is the Numeracy Coordinator for Grade 7-12.  She is available to support you in many areas, including co-planning, co-teaching, modeling a strategy, etc.  If you are unsure of how to teach a concept or need some new ideas please feel free to contact her at any time.  She looks forward to seeing and working with you in your school!

Learning Tools Coach

Sharon is the Learning Tools Support Coach. She is available to support teachers in the effective use of technology in their classrooms.  Areas of support include Google Applications, SMART Board Use, iPads and general technology use in the classroom. For ideas of tools Sharon can support you with, please see her FVSD Technology Tools Website.