FVSD Merit Awards Program

The Board of Trustees recognizes the value and contribution made by all staff, students and communities.  To celebrate these contributions the FVSD has created Merit Awards. These awards recognize and celebrate significant improvement, very high achievement and/or success of school teams, which are comprised of school administration, teachers and support staff.

Merit awards will recognize leadership, dedication, creativity, ingenuity and risk taking; all potential components of strategies which are having a positive impact on the educational experience of students. 



Merit Award Categories

I.   Culture and Climate

This award recognizes efforts to create a school environment in which students have a sense of belonging, are encouraged to contribute as an educational citizen, and feel that adults in their lives are invested into all students being successful. 

II.  Student Supports for Success

This award recognizes support systems that are impacting student's success.

III. Divisional Priorities

This award recognizes programs focussed on the priorities established by the Board of Trustees. The goal of these focus areas is to make an instrumental difference in lives of students by providing every opportunity for success.

IV.  Programming/Instruction

This award recognizes the breadth of quality programming and instruction that occurs both within the classroom and outside the classroom.

Nomination deadline is May 5, 2017.

Parents, students, staff and community members all have the opportunity to nominate programs within their school communities.  More information can be found on the Nomination Form (Chrome users must download the form for electronic submission to work properly.) Once completed this form is submitted to Central Office and forwarded to School Administrators to add supporting information for the nomination.