FVSD Adventure Academy


The FVSD ADVENTURE ACADEMY offers male and female students an opportunity to further their High School Education in an outdoor pursuits program during the summer months.  Each Adventure Academy camp consists of two weeks of camping split by a weekend at home.  Under the supervision of a Certified Teacher and Trained Staff students will gain skills in camping, canoeing, leadership, first aid, archery, fishing and outdoor survival skills.   These skills will translate into a potential 12 High School credits as well as several certifications (listed below.)

Week 1 will occur from Monday to Friday at Machesis Lake campsite as well as Rocky Lane School.  Students will live at the lake in tents supplied by the Adventure Academy, spending time here and at Rocky Lane, depending on the activities planned for each day.  This first week will be a teaching and training week, heavy on instruction and learning in a variety of the skills mentioned above.  Students will clean up camp on Friday afternoon and return home for the weekend.

Week 2 will occur from Sunday noon until they return home on the following Saturday.  Students will be transported, along with all necessary supplies to Hinton, Alberta where they will be camping at the KOA Campground.  Students will be given an opportunity to utilize and practice the skills they were taught the week prior in both the Hinton and Jasper areas.  This will include flat water canoeing, hiking, camping, outdoor cooking, and orientation.  Day trips to the mountains will be planned to provide experiences to practice skills.


In order to be considered for the FVSD ADVENTURE ACADEMY, FVSD students must send a completed application to Karen Smith, Supervisor of Learning Services, by May 9, 2018.  Mrs. Smith and  FVSD High School Principals will determine successful candidates by utilizing the criteria listed below.  Spots are limited, as only 19 participants will be chosen for the camp.

· FVSD Student in good standing as of June 28, 2018

· Entering Grade 10-12 in the 2018-2019 school year

· Have not graduated from High School

· Work Ethic

· Principal’s recommendation

· Availability of space

 Successful applicants will be notified by May 31, 2018.


July 9-13 @ Machesis Lake/Rocky Lane

July 13 evening—July 15 noon @ home

July 15-July 21—Hinton/Jasper

Fee:  $180 (Fee waiver forms can be picked up at schools and must be submitted with the application.)


• Foods1010   • HCS2020   • ENS1010   • WLD1090   • WLD1100   • WLD1130   • WLD1060 •   WLD2100 •   WLD2130

·  Tou1010   • Tou3120  • Water Experience 15/25

First Aid/CPR Certificate  Boating License Certificate    Flat Water Canoeing Certificate

PARTICIPANT EQUIPMENT LIST (suggest list—you may have other items you wish to bring)

As you pack, please remember that your clothing will get wet during boating activities and,
depending upon the weather, possibly all other activities. Please pack accordingly to ensure you
have enough dry clothes for each day.

Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hairbrush/comb, deodorant, sunscreen)


5 large garbage bags - to store some personal belongings
2 Reusable water bottles (1L capacity minimum)
Change of clothing for the trip home
Logbook and pencil

Sleeping bag

Dedicated clothes for sleeping (ensure a warm dry sleep!)

**A note on clothing: Attempt to eliminate cotton as much as possible during activities.
Synthetic (i.e. fleece) is a much more effective option for outdoor activities.
Wool or synthetic long underwear (2)
Lightweight undershirt (2)
Wool shirt, sweater and pants (multiple)
Wool or thermal socks (minimum 10 pairs –socks may get wet each day)
Hiking boots/Sturdy running shoes
Bathing suit

Outdoor Gear
Wind shell
Warm coat
Good rain gear (jacket and pants)
Gloves or mitts

Toque and sun hat
Small backpack/Daypack (to carry daily supplies/water bottles)
If you tend to be cold when outside for long periods of time, you may want to bring extra warm
clothing. Remember that it is better to wear multiple layers for warmth than to wear one heavy

 Note: Laundry facilities are available at the KOA campground during week 2.

Information Package and Application Form

Copies are available in your High School's office from Administration/Academic Counselor.

Academy Application Form