Each year the FVSD undertakes to provide the best possible teachers to the 15 schools, 4 Learning Stores and the Northern Home Education Program within our jurisdiction.  To do so, every January we begin a recruiting drive that takes us to Edmonton, Fredericton NB, Halifax NS, Thunder Bay ON and St. John's NL.  These five trips allow us to meet and interview potential new teachers from 12 different universities.  For 2017 we have added a second Edmonton University and scheduled a trip to Saskatoon SK to increase the size of our candidate pool.

Why you might ask, does the FVSD spend this amount of time and money to travel across the country to find teachers when there are teachers in Alberta who are not working full-time? The reasons for this are many and varied but certainly focus on providing a quality education for the children we serve.  Reasons include;

  • Alberta does not produce enough teachers to fill all the positions available in the province
  • Not all graduating students want to leave home and come to our northern environment
  • We are striving to hire the best possible teachers and to do that we have to build a pool of strong candidates
  • There is competition out there from other boards who have similar needs as ours and are selecting from the same universities.

In 2015 we hired 32 new teachers, and in 2016 the number was 23.  The trend of requiring 20 or more new teachers each year has been steady for many years and is one we see likely continuing for some time to come.  Without the work our division staff and administration teams, consisting of principals and vice-principals, do during our recruiting drives, we would potentially be filling positions after the school year begins.  Our goal of Building Success - One Student At A Time would be difficult to achieve without the provision of quality instruction for our students through the recruitment process.

For more information, please contact Kevin Pittman, Assistant Superintendent of Operations at or 780-927-3766.