FVSD’s Online IPP

In September of 2016, the Fort Vermilion School Division launched a new online Individualized Program Plan (IPP). This new IPP has a number of exciting features that will be helpful for teachers as they develop plans to support students with diverse learning needs.

First of all, the new IPP is accessible anywhere as long as the teacher has access to the Internet.  Secondly, the IPP is integrated with Power School, the FVSD Student Information System, which means that student demographic information is automatically entered into the IPP.  No longer will the teacher need to access information from one database and then enter it into the IPP manually.  Thirdly, the various sections of the IPP provide a wealth of resources for teachers in the form of banks and drop down lists.  For example, a wide variety of Instructional, Environmental and Assessment strategies and accommodations have been entered into the database to provide ideas for teachers. The Strengths and Needs sections have been pre-populated with ideas as have a number of other areas within the IPP.  Teachers always retain the ability to enter their own ideas in each of the areas that contain banks of suggestions.  However, the banks contained within the IPP should provide ideas and be especially helpful for new teachers who may be new to the world of IPPs.

The most significant change is the ability to create an IPP that contains only strategies and accommodations.  Some students may not need specific goals beyond the regular expectations of the Programs of Study for their courses.  These students may, however, require accommodations or different teaching strategies in order to be successful in their courses.  In these cases, the student may have an “Accommodations Only” IPP.  It is important to note that these students must be following the regular outcomes for the courses in which they are registered.  If there are any modifications, the student would require an IPP with specific goals.  The “Accommodations Only” IPP has the potential to streamline planning for students who are successful with accommodations only; however, it is important to track student progress carefully.  If a student is not passing his/her courses with just accommodations, the Learning Team should consider the reasons for the student’s lack of success and plan changes accordingly.  In these cases, the students may need goals in addition to accommodations.

I would like to thank the teachers, Inclusive Education Coordinators, Diverse Learning Coordinators and administrators from around the division who have been involved in the development and testing of this new IPP. Teachers and Inclusive Education Coordinators are to be commended especially for their diligence and perseverance this year.  We are still tweaking the IPP to make it as efficient and effective as possible.  As with anything new, there have been glitches as we have implemented the new IPP, and teachers have identified areas that need to be changed. At the end of the day, we will have an online tool that harnesses the power of technology to allow teachers to focus on what matters most:  identifying goals, objectives, strategies, accommodations and learning tools that will lead students to a high level of success.

For more information, please contact Kathryn Kirby, Assistant Superintendent of Inclusive Education at kathrynk@fvsd.ab.ca or 780-927-3766.